What People Think Of The Catholic Church

What People Think Of The Catholic Church

A church, in terms of religion, is the body of Christ as stated in the Bible. In this body, there are different parts such as hands, legs, nose, just about every part you can think of. These parts of the body, of course, have different functions in serving. The church professed because it opens a body to different connotations. One such is being a form composed of different departments serving Christ. Another part in Christ’s frame represents several churches now where there are ministries. It is therefore deemed that Catholicism is a branch of Christianity with universal rules.

In an exceeding layperson’s understanding, the term Catholic means an extensive, universal set of beliefs compiled together for the faith of people. This has often caused struggles between other religions who had a universal faith to spread into the world as one gospel for all. Catholics believe that God only created the Catholic Church as the only church with the Apostle Peter a forerunner after the death of Christ.

The church has faced numerous kinds

Just like every other religion, there is always something bad to say about it. Popular belief holds that other Christian sects do not wholly approve of lectures, faith of Catholics, or Catholicism. People perceive Catholics as good, holy people because of their demure outward show of holiness with a moral sense of organization in their church activities.

The church has faced numerous kinds of scrutiny from insiders and outsiders alike. The Vatican approved acceptance of homosexuality to be aligned with the planet’s view of sexuality. The church’s obdurate attitude toward sexuality in time past made them famous therein aspect. Now, this could be their downfall. The Christian church has faced numerous scandals of homosexuality as confessed by young boys, now men, who were either choir boys or mass servants.

What People Think Of The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is perceived as a ‘Holy Occult’ since they pray to saints, angels, the Virgin Mary, the biblical figure who gave birth to Jesus, and sometimes, to be part of Christianity, they pray through Jesus. Catholics pray in recitations which do not give room to communicate in God in prayers from your heart.

They believed that at the death of Mary, mother of Jesus, she was no longer a virgin because she had other children apart from Jesus. Still, Catholics refer to her as the Virgin Mary or even as the Mother of God. This leaves other groups and branches of Christianity to think that the catholic faith promotes worshiping statues.

Catholic Churches were brash, harsh and violent, having a history of crusades like Islamic Jihads. They are noted to be religiously proud as they fancy themselves as being holy, eligible to enter heaven. Compared to biblical inferences, their righteousness is described as filthy rags before God. However, religion is to people what matters more is within the faith held unto for the greater good of humanity. The Catholic Church is one of the oldest, most influential religions and more dominant in Europe, in some parts of the world. Globally, there are different sects of Catholic members. Whatever people think of the Catholic Church, it cannot change the fact that they are here to stay.