The Real Meaning Behind Church Socials

The Real Meaning Behind Church Socials

Humans need to interact with each other to go through life’s processes. Our ability to communicate, pass on information and mingle makes us stand out as a species. When humans socialize, there is understanding as they live in harmony and can tackle problems they might face. Even when there is long distance between two people, there are ways to communicate.

Individuals in long distances can communicate through telephone calls, video conferencing, online texting or chatting. This shows the necessity of humans to socialize by keeping in touch with each other. Asides communication between two people, there are gatherings that boost socialization between them. All Christians gather in a church to practice their religion on the days that they are meant to.

A church social is a general

Churches are part of the most popular structures on earth, they can be found in all continents. A church is a structure where Christians go, usually on Sundays to practice their religion. These structures are open to all, except those with transmittable diseases or infections. With worship as their main objective, Christians find the church as a building for interactions between themselves to strengthen their bonds. A church could set up smaller structures to tackle the needs of those that come regularly. On a larger scale, a church can be seen as a society, where people share a common interest, which is practicing their religion.

A church social is a general term for gathering of Christians for different purposes. The gathering is for social reasons, like a celebration of a good omen or event. Since churches usually hold numerous charity events, a social is a good way to make charitable events possible. Due to the large number of people that respond to these gatherings, it serves as a good way to raise funds or material commodities to aid those that are less privileged. It may seem like this event started recently but it dates far back to ancient times. Ancient jewelry began socializing when they would travel from different parts of Israel and neighboring Jewish lands to converge for social reasons.

The Real Meaning Behind Church Socials

On major Christian celebrations like Easter, Christmas and Ascension Day, Christians converge to form a gathering to celebrate. Socials are not to be confused with normal Sunday meetings as those are regarded as formal meetings. Social gatherings are meant to be informal since its purpose is to build and strengthen bonds. When going for a social, it is deemed appropriate to be casual and more open to meeting new people with similar interests as you.

A social organized by churches could include a simple picnic with picnic baskets and food. Others could decide to go watch a particular movie, play, opera or a poetry show, depending on preferences. Instead of going to these places, churches organize their events like soccer games, baseball, short-distance races or whatever outdoor activity suits them. All socials are different ways through which individuals can bond and become closer than ever. There are socials that are not linked to churches, however, socials all have the same goals and hope to achieve the same thing.