The Importance Of Church

The Importance Of Church

Church is a place people gather to praise and worship God, it is like God’s house. A sacred place set aside for people to talk to their creator. We gather as a community because of the faith and believes about christianity, we often go to church to hear the gospel. Pastors and priests have some revelation about the bible, for this reason, christians go to services to learn what the bible teaches. The book is written in a unique way, which needs to be interpreted by those ordained by God himself. God’s word was written by different prophets hence need elaboration for the message to reach across.

To learn how to live with others, a church educates us how to live with our neighbors. The fruits of the spirit teaches us the importance of love. This world is filled with people from different backgrounds, the needy like orphans and the privileged. All whom need to be handled with love without segregating just because of their backgrounds. Going to church assist in identifying the vulnerable group in the community like orphans. Believers learn to be charitable, by taking good care of such people.

The church instills the spirit of

We grow spiritually through discipleship, understand praise songs or identify talents. After understanding the ways of the church, you are baptised to begin a new era of your life. You become a good example to your community for the church instills moral values with the teachings. A believer is given a mentor to train you, learning from their mistakes and experience boost your hope to move forward. The testimonies shared during church service, encourages those who lost hope in life.

The church instills the spirit of forgiveness in us, the heart is set free for the lord is in control. Christians do not hold grudges just as christ did. In church, people are taught to forgive to be at peace just like Jesus forgave us. Christians lead by example, setting standards to non-believer for them to transform. The church does not judge anyone rather gives you time to repent and accept christ. Some feel at peace by hearing worship song for they are consoled with words spoken in those songs.

The Importance Of Church

By serving as ushers, we get to understand leadership skills, talking in polite way and welcoming visitors. Your self-esteem improves for church sermons inform us, we are wonderfully created by God. Nobody feels inferior over the other because of her looks or appearance, the gatherings enable believers share their problems.

It is in church that believers understand how to pray, repent and preach the gospel of God. We become each other’s keeper by sharing their pain, happiness without expecting anything in return. Christians bear each other’s burdens just like brothers of the same family. A family does not necessarily mean blood related, but anybody who is there for you is your family. The virtue of forgiveness, kindness, self-control, love, joy is cultivated in the church. With these values, living in a group of people is easy and comfortable. A church is a place we find peace and create relationships without expectations.