The Best Place to Find God

The Best Place to Find God

The church is referred to as a universal body of Christ who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. This community of faithful are identified as those who have left their negative attitudes to follow the godly teachings of believers. Often times, the church is considered a place of prayer but it is more than just a building. It is a community of God-loving people who have accepted the teachings of Christ universally and have carried on his teachings in the form of evangelism as a way of reaching out to those who are still involved in negative habits. Where two to three Christian friends are gathered, whether a formal or an informal meeting place, they can choose to call it a church. Believers can meet at an army barracks, school building, and hospital environment to praise God.

Although buildings are now dedicated for

Although buildings are now dedicated for reasons of worship, the earliest Christians did not dedicate any area of worship because at the time, they were being punished for openly promoting their religion. The Romans saw it as a threat to their empire which forced them to hunt Christian-like games and put them to death. This challenge forced the earliest faithful into hiding and holding secret meetings in dedicated chambers in their homes or the homes of other believers. It became possible for two to three people to pray together without being heard. Their homes were small but with time, peace crept back into the lives of these local Christians.

As Christianity continued to spread century

As Christianity continued to spread century after century, worship of God became less secretive and safer. Communities of the Christian faithful have also increased universally, which explains the need for more rooms of prayer that will accommodate a larger number of worshipers. This transition is what defines the church as we know it today. Believers began to build sanctuaries and temples globally to encourage the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church has a hierarchy ranging from popes/bishops to pastors and priests who regulate the activities in these gatherings. In a bid to meet urban civilization, the earliest chambers of worship during the crusades were converted into what we call chapel today.

The Best Place to Find God

The chapel does not have a hierarchy compared to the church buildings. It has become a place the faithful visit whenever they seek a quiet place for meditation, away from the movements and noise of other congregations. The chapel is overseen by a chaplain but it does not have a priest or a pastor. Worshipers can seek spiritual advice or instructions when they go there to pray. Most chapels can be found within a church, a cathedral or a Jewish synagogue, some others can be found underneath religious cities like Rome where they were built centuries ago. An example of such is the Famous Iberian chapel.

Some organizations have smaller religious houses that do not belong to any denomination. Such kinds of chapels are common in organizations like hospitals, schools, military barracks, and airports. The chaplains of such areas are often personnel or selected individuals in those organizations and institutions. For example, the leadership of a hospital chapel is most likely to be a doctor. There are different types of centers for different places, a castle chapel is a smaller prayer house that is built within a castle, generally designed for the people who live within that castle. Chapels built on a road bridge, or adjacent to one, are described as a bridge castle, while noble families too own such buildings within their courts; these type of prayer centers are called court chapels.

All these are smaller places of meeting, especially for Christians. Originally, these places were used to house historic artifacts or relics, but the main purpose is for a quieter meditation. Private houses also exist for the use of one individual like a bishop or a particular group of believers for devotional purposes and for keeping sacred church items like the holy communion. Just as every religion has their traditions, some religions have their chapel, only that it is known by other names like shrine. Chambers of prayer are sacred and this crosses all religious boundaries. People who visit such places should treat it with utmost respect to avoid attracting curses to themselves because what matters most is not always the building, it is the person.