Can Anyone Determine The Exact Age Of Jesus Christ

Can Anyone Determine The Exact Age Of Jesus Christ

The age of Christ is somehow impossible to determine given the fact that he has existed as a Spirit being which makes it complicated to unravel. This is what makes it troubling for most individuals to understand. Spiritual things most often have limited explanation because there are little or no facts to support their claim. Most of them are based on predictions that may not necessarily be accurate. According to experts, they have an estimate the age of Christ from when Jesus was born.

But, Jesus has existed before he

But, Jesus has existed before he was born according to some biblical accounts in Genesis. In fact, Saint Luke’s gospel says that without him, nothing would have been made this is now existing. That means Jesus actually created all things including time. The difficulties most experts faced is estimating the exact age of someone who created time. According to Genesis, he was in the beginning, all things were created by him and for him.

To determine the exact age of

To determine the exact age of Jesus, two things have to be considered, his physical age, that is when he was born by Mary, and the spiritual age which of course can’t be determined. Looking at biblical account on earth, the bible says he was earthly father was Joseph who married Mary. But, even before Joseph could with Mary she was already pregnant, making it a complete mystery. That means, Joseph wasn’t the father of Jesus, the wife got pregnant even before meeting with the husband. According to historical facts, this took place around between 4BCEA and 6BCE. By that calculation, it is estimated that Jesus should be at least 2023 and 6-months old. The calculations are based on estimated values, there are no database records to produce concrete evidence.

Can Anyone Determine The Exact Age Of Jesus Christ

The spiritual explanation of Jesus’ age is even more complex to ascertain by many. The bible records that Jesus created the world including the sun, the moon, the stars, planets, time, seasons including plants and animals. That means, before creation ever started, Jesus had existed in the spiritual world as Spirit being. It is impossible for anyone to think or imagine he can determine the age of the spirit, the creation of time started with the existence of man on earth. Without man, time would have been of no essence, plants and animals are not very interested in time. Humans are the ones mostly concerned with time because they want to know when a person is born, his death, and other stuff that need time to be calculated. This can’t be applicable to Christ because nobody has accurate information about his life apart from what the bible has to say about him.

There seems to be a great disparity between his physical and spiritual age, while on earth, Jesus was born by Mary many years ago although the exact date is not known. Christians believe that Jesus was born in December, that’s why Christians celebrate this month as the birth of their savior. Others believe on this date Christ was born, there are no historical facts from the bible which states clearly that 25th, is Christ’s birthday, this is just an estimate by renowned scholars after a number of findings, research and analysis of some bible events. There are others who believe this date is faulty and that Christ wasn’t born on that date. If this is correct, the celebration by Christians which comes up every year is false since it has no reliable source.

Another denomination aside from Christians are totally against the fact that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, if they are correct, it means there are disparities concerning his age and to help get an accurate figure. Some are the opinion that Jesus was born around 6 BCE while others say 4 BCE is the date of his birth. Science hasn’t provided any concrete facts to the exact date, whatever the arguments; the fact that Christ has existed before he was born. That means, time was created by him, and if that be the case, it is not possible for any human or group of person to say they know the period Christ was born. Most of the ages are just mere predictions that have too little or no scientific evidence to prove his exact age.